Hazards, Safety & First Aid

Hazardous Substances, Safety precautions, Personal Protection & First Aid Measures

General identified hazards
The table below lists general hazards, hazardous situations and events which are to be noticed during normal operation and maintenance work. The table lists also the chapters in this manual which are concerned by the respective hazard.

Identified hazard, hazardous situation or event

Dropping parts during maintenance work
Turning device engaged during maintenance
work and operated unintentionally
Crankcase safety explosion valves opening due to crankcase explosion
Noise level
Running engine without covers
Risk of ejected parts in case of major failure
Contact with electricity during maintenance
Electrical hazard if incorrect grounding of electrical equipment
Ejection of components or emission of high pressure gas due to high firing pressures
Risk of ejected parts due to break down of turbocharger
Overspeed or explosion due to air-gas mixture in the charge air
Ejection of fuel injector if not fastened while the crankshaft is turned
Engine rotating due to engaged gear box or closed generator breaker during overhaul
Fire or explosion due to leakage in fuel / gas line or lube oil system
Inhalation of exhaust gases due to leakage
Inhalation of exhaust gas dust
Explosion or fire if flammable gas/vapour is leaking into the insulation box
Touching of moving parts
Risk of oil spray from high pressure hoses
Fuel oils, lubricating oils and cooling water additives are environmentally hazardous. Take great care when handling these products or systems containing these products.

-) Fuel Oil 

-) Lubricating Oil

-) Cooling water additives, nitrite based

-) Fly ashes and exhaust gas dust

-) Lead in bearing 

-)  Fluoride rubber products

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