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Intregated parts of Engine

      Various integrated parts of diesel engine are

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    Cylinder Head

    Cylinder head installed between cylinder liner and taped cover.It connect intake and exhaust manifold through expansion pieces (both sides).It holds Intake and Exhaust valves,Fuel injector,Safety valves,Starting air valve...different component,material used,problems..READ MORE

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    Cylinder Liner

    The cylinder liner is made of alloyed cast iron and is suspended in the cylinder frame with a low situated flange. The top of the cylinder liner is fitted with a cooling jacket.Impotent properties,problems,possible solutions ....READ MORE

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    Piston is called the heart of engine.Two part piston includes a light alloy steel skirt and a steel type piston crown of high temperature and wear resistance.Manufacturing method,material properties,problems,possible solutions...READ MORE

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    Fuel Pump

    Fuel pump used to transfer fuel to the fuel injector.Usually plunger type fuel pump used.Different component,Problems...READ MORE

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    Fuel Injector

    Fuel injector used to inject fuel to the fuel to the combustion chamber.fuel injection atomizes the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure.Different component,Problems...READ MORE

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    Turbocharger consist of turbine and compressor coupling together by a shaft.Exhaust gas turn the turbine and the compressor rotate to compressed the charged air to increase temperature and density...READ MORE

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    Diesel engine speed is controlled  by the amount of fuel injected into the engine by the injectors. Because a diesel engine is not self-speed-limiting, it requires not only a means of changing engine speed, but also a means of maintaining the desired speed...READ MORE