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Auxiliary Equipments

Different Auxiliary equipments

Power Plant Runs with the help of different auxiliary equipments.


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    Reciprocating Pump

    Reciprocating pump runs by the principle of pushing the liquid by a plunger,piston or bucket that executes a reciprocating motion through a cylinder.Main components, working principle,discharge and efficiency,advantages and disadvantages... READ MORE

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    Centrifugal Pump

    A machine for moving a liquid, such as water, by accelerating it radially outward in an impeller to a surrounding volute casing.Energy uses,pump efficiency,different head and different problems ...READ MORE

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    Screw Pump

    The screw type pump can generate a multitude of frequency components in the vibration spectrum. Thread wear or damage will usually produce strong harmonics of the thread rate, which is the number of threads times the rpm....READ MORE

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    Pneumatic Pump

    Pneumatic pump with the help of compressed air...READ MORE


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    HFO Purifier

    HFO Purifier used to separate sludge and water content from HFO.Components,mechanism,sludge discharge functions... READ MORE

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    LO purifier

    LO purifier used to separate sludge and water from lube oil.Main mechanism,components,working principle...READ MORE

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    A boiler is an enclosed vessel, provides a means for combustion heat to be transferred into water until it becomes heated steam.Requirement of boiler,mounting and accessories,inspections... READ MORE

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    Viscosity Module

    Heavy fuel oil (HFO) have a viscosity listed as 180cst at 50 deg.C.The diesel engines requires HFO with viscosity of about 25cst at 95-100 deg.C.So HFO Booster Module or HFO fuel conditioning module or viscosity booster used to reduce the viscosity of HFO....READ MORE

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    Air Compressor

    Air Compressor used to compressed air for industrial or other different purpose.It is use to increase kinetic power of of air driven by electric motor or Diesel/ Gasoline engine by compressing and pressurizing air.... READ MORE

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    Heat Exchanger

    Heat exchanger used to transfer heat between two fluids.....READ MORE