2. Definition of terms

Density (p):
Mass per unit volume,
Specific gravity (7):
With mass of water per unit volume as 1, ratio of mass of the same volume; the value varies with temperature
Feed rate:

Volume of untreated feed liquid to be fed to a purifier per unit time, being expressed in P/h or.m3/h.
Actual capacity:

Throughput capacity of a purifier as calculated on the basis of SM Standard Specification (exclusive of sludge with specific gravity of more than 1.8 and a diameter of more than 2 microns). (Refer to "Feed rate", above).
Feed liquid
Non-separated oil to be fed to the purifier.
Light liquid
Purified oil as treated with the purifier.
Heavy liquid
Separated water content and heavy content of oil or simply "water".
In a narrow sense, solids accumulated within a bowl and, in a broad sense, solids, water and oil mixture as discharged from the bowl.

Boundary between heavy liquid and light liquid within a bowl.
Purifying operation:

3-phase (liquid-liquid-solid) separating (Refer to par. "Puri- operation for spearation into oil content, fying operation") water content and solid content. This machine is called "purifier".
Clarifying operation:
(Refer to par. "Clarifying
Two-phase (liquid-solid) separating operation for separation into oil content and . solid content. This machine is called "clarifier".
Parallel operation:
(Refer to par. "Parallel
A number of purifiers arranged in parallel and operated with oil fed in dividing specified volume.
Series operation:
(Refer to par. "Series
Operation of a number of purifiers arranged in series.
Total discharge type:
A purifier so constructed that total quantity within the bowl is discharged
Partial discharge type:
A purifier of the so-called "partial discharge" construction that discharges only water and solid content within the bowl. On the other hand, this machine also has the total discharge function.
E-HIDENS 2 type:
This is a Selfjector with clarifier specification which is incorporated into EHIDENS 2 System and is used in combination with Water Detector. The structure of Selfjector is such that it performs a partial discharge of sludge.

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