Cylinder Lubrication System

Cylinder lubrication system provided smooth reciprocating motion of piston in cylinder liner
Function of cylinder lubrication system
  1. To protect piston rings from corrosion by providing  lowest friction and wear
  2. Provide a uniform thin layer which helps to prevent combustion gas leakage 
  3. Helps to reduce cylinder liner temperature
  4. Helps cylinder liner,piston and piston rings to withstand in high temperature and pressure
Different components of Cylinder lubricating system
A typical cylinder lubrication system(MAN B&W engine)
  1. Electric motor
  2. Worm gear set
  3. Ball type sight glass
  4. Handle for feed adjustment
  5. Pump casing
  6. Rocker shaft
  7. Rocker
  8. Electric heater
  9. Ball sight glass
  10. Valve ball
  11. Screw
  12. Camshaft with cam
  13. Oil drain line
  14. Oil inlet
  15. Pressure line

General description
The lubrication pump is driven by a electric motor via a worm gear set.The individual plunger operated by the camshaft via rockers.Each of the pistons sucks oil from the oil space and pressure it through ball valve system.The pressure line feed the oil to the lubricating point of the engine cylinder.Oil supply pump automatic collect the oil by the float valve.Oil temperature is maintained by the electric heater and keep it about 50 degree celsius and viscosity about 115-150 cst .

All the balls in the sight glass must be floating at same level.Rising height of the ball depends upon delivered quantities,temperature and oil viscosity.

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