Cylinder Head Installation Process

Tool Required

  1. Suspension device with 4 hexagonal screws
  2. Guide rod
  3. Protection cap
  4. Set sealing covers, Lifting gear
  5. Set open end wrenches

cyl.head installation precess
cylinder head installation process

Sequence of operation

  1. Clean sealing surface between cylinder head and cylinder liner. Should sealing surface be damaged, they must be refaced, using the special tool provided for.
Note: On refaced sealing surface, minimum gap between cylinder head and liner is 0.5 mm.

  1. Clean insert seal ring. Damaged ring or ring which have bean changed in height (compressed) must be replaced.
  2. Clean sealing surface on the charge air and exhaust connections. Check C-ring for damage and replace if necessary
  3. Slip protection caps over the cylinder head studs and using lifting gear, carefully lower the cylinder head onto the liner. When doing so, pay attention to the position of the locating pin in the locating groove.
  4. Tighten the cylinder head studs.
  5. Close quick coupling of exhaust manifold, tightened screws at specified torque.
  6. Connect charge air line, to accomplish this, back off nuts far enough so that the charge air line flange can be screwed on tightly to the cylinder head, without the nuts being seated.\
  7. Screw the thrust bolts until gap has been reached the dimension as specified for preloaded condition.
  8. Tighten nuts on the adjusting screws until gap has likewise reached dimension specified for preloaded condition.
  9. Re check measurements of all gaps correct if required and lock with counter nut or nut resp.
Note: Measurements are applying to cold engine. When mounting several cylinder heads, the tightening of the compensator is effected for each cylinder head consecutively, i.e., the process tightening in the prescribed sequence must be completed with one cylinder head before starting work on the next one.

  1. Reconnect all pipes which had been disconnected before.

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