Fluoride rubber products

Precautions when handling fluoride rubber products

Normal sealing applications
In normal sealing applications the use of fluoride rubber products does not cause any health hazards. The products can be handled without any risk provided that normal industrial hygiene is maintained.

When changing O rings of valve seats
Always wear protective rubber gloves when changing the O rings of the valve seats.
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When handling the remains of burnt fluoride rubber
When handling the remains of burnt fluoride rubber, for instance, when changing O-rings after a valve blow-by, wear impenetrable acidproof gloves to protect the skin from the highly corrosive remains.
Appropriate glove materials are neoprene or PVC. All liquid remains must be considered to be extremely corrosive.
The remains can be neutralized with large amounts of calcium hydroxide solution (lime water). Used gloves must be disposed of.

Grinding dust
Dust and particles originating from grinding or abrasion (wear) of fluoride rubber may when burned form toxic degradation products. Smoking must therefore be prohibited in areas where fluoride rubber dust and particles are present.

In case of fire
When burned fluoride rubber can cause the formation of toxic and corrosive degradation products, for example, hydrofluoric acid, carbonyl fluoride, carbon monoxide, and carbon fluoride fragments of low molecular weight.
Operators handling the remains of burnt fluoride rubber must wear impenetrable acid-proof gloves to protect the skin from the highly corrosive remains. Appropriate glove materials are neoprene or PVC. All liquid state remains must be considered extremely corrosive. Burning (incineration) of fluoride rubber is allowed only when approved incinerators equipped with gas emission reduction systems are used.

Use of fluoride rubber products at temperatures above 275°C (527°F)

Fluoride rubber can be used in most applications (up to 275°C) without any substantial degradation or health hazard. Use or test of fluoride rubber at temperatures above 275°C must be avoided. If the material is exposed to higher temperatures, the temperature may get out of control.

Personal protection equipment for fluoride rubber products

Hand protection: Use impenetrable acid-proof gloves (neoprene or PVC).
Inhalation protection: Use breathing mask.

First aid measures for accidents with fluoride rubber products

Inhaling: Move the victim from the danger zone.
Make the victim blow his nose.
Seek medical advice.
Eye contact: Rinse immediately with water.
Seek medical advice.
Skin contact: Rinse immediately with water.
Put a 2 % solution of calcium gluconate gel on the exposed skin.
If calcium gluconate gel is not available, continue to rinse with water.
Seek medical advice.

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