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The location of the generator set is a major factor in transmitting vibrations to its surroundings. The unit should not be mounted directly to rock, concrete, metal, soil or other surfaces that transmit vibration over a considerable distance. Because it is preferable to install the generator set on a concrete pad, the designer should specify installation of vibration isolators between the generator set and the mounting pad. 

Spring Isolators

 Neoprene or rubber isolators: These are used between the set’s base and pad and also to isolate generator components, such as controls. Neoprene mounts are frequently integral mounts fitted by the manufacturer between the engine-generator assembly and the skid. They provide as much as 90 percent isolation efficiency, which is sufficient for most installations at or below grade level. 

Spring isolators: These isolators provide up to 98 percent vibration isolation and are suitable for all applications. They are required when the generator set is installed above grade. When choosing a spring type, be sure the isolator matches the weight of the generator, to avoid overly compressing the springs. 

 The designer should consult local codes to determine if spring isolators are required. Spring types are mounted between the generator skid and the mounting surface


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