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Pneumatic Pump or Diaphragm pump

Pneumatic pump runs with the aid of compressed air.It also called diaphragm pump because diaphragms are used to compressed the fluid(for delivering) and creating vacuum(for fluid intake). 


pneumatic pump
  • Pumping Chamber
  • Ball valves
  • Diaphragm(air and fluid side)
  • Suction manifold
  • Delivery manifold
  • Pneumatic exchanger

Working Principle

The compressed air introduced by the pneumatic exchange chamber, pushes the piston forward, lifted  the ball from seat.Then air compressed one side of the diaphragm and force the liquid  through the delivery valves.Other side of the diaphragm  creates a vacuum and intakes the fluid(liquids are forced into the tank, which is filled with atmospheric air).Once the cycle is completed,pneumatic exchanger divert the air direction and this cycle is continuing.