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HFO power plant systems
Engine components
Auxiliaries equipments
, PID controller 3-way temperature control valve, Engine cooling water preheater,  
Electrical equipments 
Alternator , Motor, Transformer, Relay, Circuit breaker, Battery storage system, Different meter, PLC system, LED, Transistor, PTC thermistor, NTC thermistor, Fuses, Control panel, Electric wire, Temperature Overload Relays,
Different sensor
  Smoke detectorOMD , Fire sensor,   Speed sensorTemperature sensor,
Treatment process
Different problems and solutions
O ring damage, Exhaust valve damage, Black-white or blue color smoke, Low fuel oil pressure, Turbocharger fault High, exhaust gas temperature, Engine vibration,
Thermocouple assemblies, Basics laws of thermocouple, Thermocouple circuits, Properties of HFO,
Maintenance and Measurements
Crank shaft deflection measurement, Piston Installation Process,Cylinder liner installation process, Cylinder head installation process,Clearance between valve head and piston measurement, Removing and installing of turbine rotor of TC, Removing and installing thrust ring, Removing and installing plain bearing, Replacing labyrinth ring on turbine rotor, Removing and installation of locating bearing, Checking and disassembling piston, Removing piston pin and bush, Removing and installing push rod, Piston Ring Checking,

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Centrifugal Pump, How a diesel engine work, Diesel Engine Animation, Turbocharger 
Pneumatic pump, Gear Pump